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The Electromaker Show

Jul 1, 2020

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Welcome to the Electromaker Show, episode 5! The week of June 29, 2020 saw a pair of video game-inspired maker projects including Half-Life: Alyx gloves and a Metal Gear Solid Nerf Gun, Raspberry Pi 4 SSD USB boot, Arduino-CLI tool, plus more!

Electromaker Alyx Gloves:

Electromaker SOP metal gear system:

Calcuduino -

Alexa powered Accessible lego chess player:

Low Spec Gamer Raspberry Pi 4:

Teaching AI to 4th Graders:

Coursera for Campus Coronavirus response:

List of free courses:

New features: Arduino CLI upgrades:

Nifty high accuracy power meter for IoT and other low power applications:

Lovely LED display:

All-in-one Arduino motor:

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