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The Electromaker Show

Feb 18, 2021

Welcome to the Electromaker Show, episode 33! This week’s highlights include an Nvidia Jetson Nano AI-powered dog trainer, ESP32 smart gardening board, and a Raspberry Pi Pico-based OLED display. Check out these top maker, tech, DIY, IoT, embedded, and crowdfunding news stories from the week!

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  • Using an OLED display with the Raspberry Pi Pico: 
  • VGA out on the Raspberry Pi Pico using only a resistor ladder:
  • Machine Learning Inference on the Raspberry Pi Pico:
  • Multicore Programming on the Pi Pico: 
  • Making a Macro Keyboard using the Pi Pico:
  • Mitch Davis explains PWM on the STM32 
  • Browzen: an Nvidia Jetson Xavier powered mood tracker: 
  • Eduponics Mini, an ESP32 driven Smart Gardening board on Crowd Supply: 
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano powered AI dog trainer: 
  • Winners of the Electromaker and Cypress PSoC 6 challenge have been announced: 
  • STMicro have a NUCLEO-G491RE development board for the newer STM32G4 chips: 
  • New Quartz64 board on the way from Pine64: